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Yesterday 21:00The Russians burned the car of the psychic over bad fortune    ( The Siver Telegram )
Russian police detained a suspect in the arson of the car Daewoo Nexia in the village Granovschina Irkutsk region, which belonged to a local psychic.
05/09/2018 10:10Two LPR militants face life imprisonment for shelling Popasna district in 2015    ( Interfax-Ukraine )
... one of whom is a native of the Irkutsk region of the Russian Federation, in committing particularly serious crimes foreseen by Parts 2, 3 of Article 258, ...
05/09/2018 10:10'Too many accidents': Russian scientist says she faces grave danger if Canada denies refugee bid    ( Ottawa Citizen )
This is a story about a Russian scientist and vocal critic of the Putin ... Musikhina was a professor and researcher at the Irkutsk State Technical ...
05/07/2018 16:50Russian opposition leader held at Moscow protest    ( Nottingham Observer )
The protests demonstrated that Navalny's opposition, although considered beleaguered by Russian officials and largely ignored by state-controlled television, has sizeable ... and "Russia will be free! ... There were no incidents in other cities, like Vladivostok and Irkutsk, demonstration organizers said.
05/06/2018 16:55More than 1300 arrested in Russia-wide protests against Putin    (Interactive Investor)
Opposition's Navalny Arrested Over Russia-Wide Protests Against Putin - Interactive Investor
05/02/2018 09:00High-ranking Irkutsk police officer dismissed for refusing to take breathalyzer test    ( )
... Transit Police Investigation Department among citizens and employees,” it was previously reported in the appeal to the Russian MIA head from the interregional trade union Moscow Police Trade Union. The Irkutsk Central Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported on the dismissal of Tsurkan ...
04/17/2018 11:00Russia's ban on non-food alcohol sales reduces poisoning deaths by a quarter — RT Russian ...    ( ZlotoNews )
Russia introduced the ban on retail sales of alcohol-containing non-food products in late 2016, after at least 48 people in south Siberia's Irkutsk Region died from acute poisoning caused by drinking ethanol-laced bath lotion. Producers and distributors of the deadly lotion were apprehended and put on ...
04/17/2018 04:10Alcohol poisoning death rate in Russia declines    ( TASS )
The ban was introduced in December 2016 in the wake of a mass alcohol poisoning in the Irkutsk region, which involved an alcohol-containing bath lotion. However, the ban does not apply to glass cleaners, non-liquid products, cosmetic and home care products provided their package does not imply ...
04/11/2018 15:20US Approves Sale of 5000 APKWS II Guidance Sections to Qatar for $300 Million    ( )
The US State Department has approved sale of 5000 Advanced Precision Kill Weapon Systems (APKWS) II Guidance Sections to Qatar for an estimated cost of $300 million. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency delivered the required certification notifying Congress of this possible sale on Monday.
04/08/2018 01:05Russian RS-24 Yars missile launcher crews test new Ural locations    ( Army Recognition )
"At the same time, the mobile missile systems are disguised well against a simulated enemy's weapons in deep Russia (from the Tver Region to the Irkutsk Region) but they can be redeployed to any part of the country, if necessary," the press office added. Large-scale maneuvers allow checking the ...
04/05/2018 10:00HIV positive baby dies because Russian mother thought AIDS is a 'myth'    ( International Business Times, India Edition )
An investigation has been launched after the death of the baby in Irkutsk. The mother claims that her daughter died of pneumonia, but health officials blamed the HIV-denying conspiracy theory in Russia. In Russia, several believe that HIV doesn't exist. Irkutsk pathologist Vladimir Avdeyev frequently ...
04/04/2018 15:55Russian baby death under investigation after mother refuses HIV treatment    (Newsweek)
HIV Positive Baby Dies After Russian Mother Calls AIDS a Western 'Myth' - Newsweek
04/03/2018 21:55HIV-positive baby dies after mum refuses treatment    ( The Punch )
An investigation was launched in Russia on Monday into the death of a five-month-old HIV-positive baby whose mother refused her treatment ... for more than five years and always refused medical treatment, faces manslaughter charges and up to two years in prison in the Siberian city of Irkutsk.
04/03/2018 21:55HIV-positive baby dies in Russia after mum refuses treatment    ( The Straits Times )
The woman, who has been HIV-positive for more than five years and always refused medical treatment, faces manslaughter charges and up to two years in prison in the Siberian city of Irkutsk. Investigators said the baby died in February following pneumocystis pneumonia, a form of pneumonia which ...
03/23/2018 14:50Model BEHIND BARS despite jumping naked from hotel room after 'man tried to rape her'    ( Daily Star )
A RUSSIAN model is in a Dubai detention prison despite her claim that she fought off a man trying to rape her – saying she jumped six floors to save her life .... Her mum, who is travelling to Dubai, complained that the model – from Irkutsk in Siberia – had been deprived of her mobile phone and had been ...
03/22/2018 07:00Russian Model Reportedly Jumps From The Sixth Floor Of A Hotel Room To Avoid Rape    ( The Daily Caller )
“My daughter is a well known model in Irkutsk. On 15 February she left for Dubai for a month where she had a contract,” the model's mother told The Siberian Times. “They want to make her guilty.” Stetsyuk reportedly broke her spine after jumping from the window and remains in the hospital awaiting ...
03/21/2018 14:40Klyuchevskie gang faces new charges over 12 murders    ( )
The new circumstances of the crimes, whose victims were residents of Chita and the Irkutsk region, were revealed during interrogation of one of the suspects, ... of Culture of the region, Alexey Guskov, known as Gus, who was a deputy of the city Duma of Chita from the United Russia party, was detained.
03/21/2018 14:40Model 'arrested after breaking spine as she jumped from sixth-floor hotel room to escape man ...    ( )
The model faces “expensive surgery and further rehabilitation”. Her mother hit back at claims in Russia that her glamorous daughter had been working as an escort in the sex industry when the incident occurred. She said: “My daughter is a well known model in Irkutsk. On 15 February she left for Dubai ...
03/21/2018 14:40Presidential poll results cancelled at 7 ballot stations – Russian official    ( RT )
She recalled a ridiculous but serious incident in which an opposition NGO released a report and a video about a violation that allegedly took place in Irkutsk, Eastern Siberia. In the video, a man dropped two ballots into a ballot box at once, which is against the rules. The report has already started to ...
03/21/2018 14:40Russian model 'arrested after breaking spine jumping from sixth-floor Dubai hotel room to flee sex ...    (
Model 'arrested in Dubai after breaking spine as she jumped from sixth-floor hotel room escaping ... -


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